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 Founded by Dr. Arjun Karunakaran Nair (Shakta Sri Nadanta Ananda Nathar - deeksha name) , reverently called as Swami Nadanta.

The main intention of Shakta Aham Yoga Foundation and Shakta Bharati Community is ;

1) To connect science of ecology with spirituality through environmental based religious and spiritual practices.

2) To overcome the modern ecological crisis. 

3) To create  a self-sustainable ambience for present and future generation.

 4) To develop an  eco-spiritual Yogic village with organic farming methods, there by structuring an Indian cultural center for all urban residents from various cultural background.

5) To  protect Mother Earth and her people by the active interaction with nature, bringing opportunity to gain knowledge and skills for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

6) To preserve our cultural heritage , practice and history of mother  land.

7) To bring charity activities and raise money for those in need.


                Our Foundation will be working with schools, youth wings, community based organizations and local government sectors to create a vigorous  socio-economic society and environment.


Donate Us 

Kindly be the part of our divine venture by your contribution, who are genuinely concerned about the social, cultural, moral and spiritual upliftment of our generation.


NB: Requesting the ones residing outside India/ NRI's for a transaction through their NRO account or Indian account . All Donations are eligible for Tax exemption as per Sec 80G .

Our Key Focus is 

  • To preserve cultural heritage of the folk and tribal healing arts by our  advanced yogic system of enlightenment.

  • To foster Goshala culture for the indigenous cows and provide shelter for the fowls, goats, donkeys etc.

  • To plant orchard of native & non native plants, trees and other vegetation for the availability of fresh and natural fruits, vegetables and herbs.

  • To conserve a natural mini forest by planting trees to attract the wide species of  birds and animals .

  • To bring light on our traditional Hindu Gurukul system through Shaktha Bharati Hindu University.

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