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The World of Shaktism & Sri Vidya  Sampradaya/ Siddhachara Paramapara of Uttara Kerala Desha:

Welcome to our  official website of Traditional Sapta Konkana Shaktism practice. We thank you for your avidity to know more about Shakta Tantra ,the path of enjoyment and Liberation. In this site you will find information about one of the oldest forms of traditional Sri Vidya Siddha Achara and Meppad Sampradya  practiced by Swami Sri Tripura Sri Amba Sahita Sri Nadanta Ananda Nathar. By the grace of our Guru lineage, the self realization of you as the Supreme Creator can be attained. Sri Vidya Sadhana is a Tantric Yogic practice where an  individual or the Sadhaks train their mind as a mode of consciousness neither for material gains nor the fullfillment of  wishes, which are the hindrances for the absolute goal . It is a technique actually designed to promote relaxation, build internal energy or life force, referred as Prana in Tantra and Ayurveda for nurturing  the concept of love , elegance, virtue, stoicism  and empathy.

Sri Vidya and  Shakta Yoga Sadhana:

The Worship of Nature for the acquisition of pure consciousness or higher self in order to eradicate the hardships and misery, there by gaining moksha from the cycle of rebirth is Sri Vidya or Brahmavidya . This eternal verity of Shakta Matha was imparted by Adi Natha (Maha Dev) to Maha Vishnu , Maha Vishnu to Brahma Deva, Brahma Deva to Sanakadi Munis, Sri Dattatreya (Lord Vishnu's incarnation, who is the Lord of Avadhutas) to Parasu Ram and Parasu Ram to Haritayana. Haritayana compiled Tripura Rahasyam/ Haritayana Samhita, the remarkable text of Shakta Matha or Tripura Siddhanta that depicts Sri Vidya practice and tradition of worshipping the Universal Power as Mother Goddess, Sri Lalita Maha Tripurasundari.


In Tantric system, the 'Absolute/ Ultimate Reality' is 'Purusha' or 'Param Shiva', hence elucidated as 'Prakasha' , where as 'Prakriti' or 'Para Shakti' denoted to be 'Vimarsha' is the 'Self-contemplation of the Absolute Reality'. As one of the Shakta Tantric text, the Kamakala Vilasa defines, "Vimarsha is the mirror in which Prakasha reviews itself". The merging of Prakasha (the Static Supreme Consciousness) with Vimarsha (the Dynamic Self Consciousness) ensued the concept of  'Svatantryam'. Etymologically, the terms 'Sva' and 'Tantryam' indicate 'Self' and 'Dependence' respectively. It is the absolute power of action or freedom that emnates from the divine energies, Prakasha and Vimarsha, bestowing  the Sri Vidya practitioner  'Sarvatantra Svatantrya'.


The three primary Gunas (the Qualities of Energy) are Sattva (the state of intelligence & harmony), Rajas (the state of change & action) and Tamas (the state of inertia & materiality). These trio attribute act as  the predominal forces behind the cosmic evolution namely 'Para', 'Apara' and 'Parapara'. The pure knowledge to experience our higher self or Para Shiva will be accomplished only at the phase of Para Sattva/ Pure Consciousness and for its attainment, the Siddha Yoga tradition of Shakta Matha renowned as  Kauliki Vidya is practiced here.

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